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Why I Started
Coaching & healing

When I look back at whom I used to be the person I was and what had gone through and overcome growing up into adult life, I have nothing but compassion and love for that person. In their quest to seek and find answers about themselves and find their place, achieve their dreams, heal themselves, and to know true authentic sincere fulfillment within themselves.

Knowing first hand what that takes and the courage to confront and face yourself.
And work with what you got.

What I can offer is my wisdom in knowing what I know now and the tools and skills that I have acquired. In my ongoing progression. 

If I can authentically make this journey more illuminating for anybody else and Empower them with the wisdom knowledge skills and abilities I have acquired  I will happily serve them and be honored and grateful to do so.

All who are open to alternative healings that are grounded in lineage and are looking to take ownership of their own lives and their healing and empowerment.

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My Story

Overcoming obstacles and challenges in life and doing the impossible is kind of my thing.
As a child I had many health challenges from three sets of tubes in my ears before I was 5 yrs old to seizures to learning challenges to going through a trial in my high school years that would test my fortitude will and sanity and got me seeking the truth and asking deep spiritual questions that gave me the drive to surmount the challenges and obstacles As I Grew and matured, in my early twenties I finally saw my life coming together out of this having success and a promising career in the field of movies and television and live event production until the crash of 2008 and everything collapse and I was left facing myself once again and my failures and shortcomings. Lost and confused and confounded about my place and purpose in the world I took a job doing some sales and retail work and started meditating every day. until I got a job offer at a startup I only to be laid off a month later right before the holidays. This once again deeply cause me to re-evaluate things. About two weeks later I got a call to work an event for a friend and that's when things became very clear to me about my direction in life. To be able to show somebody what's possible expand their imagination and give them a fulfilling entertaining experience, Filled me with a passion and joy I had not felt in a long time and aligned me with my true self. this passion and drive took me to conferences in all different Industries to some of the biggest festivals and shows in the world. I got to meet and interacted with people from all over the world and from all walks of life. After a few unsuccessful romantic relationships, it was time once again to confront and surmount the Early Childhood traumas I had experienced. This is one of the scariest and yet hardest and most rewarding things I've ever done for myself. Continuing in my healing Journey I saw fruits of that work show up more and more In my study of Aikido. Until I had fallen out with a good friend of over 10 years which prompted a major course correction change in a martial arts discipline and a deep look at myself. At which point I started to work with somebody new To uncover what had been missed and still left to work through. ultimately this was an incredibly rewarding empowering experience and helped me discover that I had a lot of healing gifts wisdom and insight to share give my journey and my divine nature and a need to express and share them. which led me to the modern mystery School modalities and teachings which continue to help me grow and cultivate these pearls of wisdom and skills. that I have to offer and share with the world.


All the services that I offer have received myself and seen the results in my life sometimes immediately others unfolding slowly over time.

 they all come from the clean pure lineage of king Solomon and have been handed down the same for 3000 years.

all sessions are done one-on-one in person.

to be represented as a certified practitioner of my services I have to regularly go and get recertified from the lineage to ensure things are being done properly and correctly and for updates and refinements to the modiladiteys.
They all work with the forces of metaphysic, nature, and the universe to heal and correct any imbalances in your system.

all healing is self-healing I am just a conduit to allow these things to happen to the degree you allow.

New client special

New client special

if you are new or have never had any work done like this I strongly suggest this you get a free 20min consult call

Life Activtion and 7 layer aura clearing.

as it is the biggest value.

Reiki healing special

Ensofic Reiki special

this consists of 3, 60minute sessions of reiki one to focus on the primary issues second to focus on any related connected issues third is to focus on fine-tuning anything that needs cleaning up.

Mind clearing special

Hermetic rebalancing special

Contact me to find
your way to a happier devine future

San Diego SoCal based will travel 


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Success Stories

kirk murray

My experience with life activation
I felt less anxiety 😟 & stress. Felt like I went on a long hike or walk. Left me feeling better as a whole.

Hermetic rebalancing series
This consists of three 90-minute sessions
That clears away any and all mental beliefs and blockages by realigning and rebalancing you to the seven Cosmic principles of the universe. 

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