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About Me

In the spring of 2019, everything was going well in my life and I had things mapped out in the direction I wanted to go in life however there was a piece missing and I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  that's when I decide to invest in myself and receive my life activation. Upon doing so I felt a greater connection to the world around me things became clearer and more aligned, in direction and actions to take in all areas of my life. things started to move forward almost all on their own suddenly I was manifesting upgrades in all areas of my life from experiencing deeper understandings and teachings of my martial arts to my health, my finances, my relationships, to everything that I was desiring to move forward and manifest. within a month all these things started to move in the right direction. From then on I continue to take learning healings and teachings from the modern mystery School ultimately becoming initiated in March of 2020.


My Background 

Education, and Qualifications

  • second step initiate in the lineage of King Solomon.

  • Certified life activation practitioner.

  • Certified in Ensofic Reiki practitioner.

  • Hermetic astrology grad

  • Sacred geometry level 3.

  • Kabbalahist

  • Isha yoga initiate.

  • I. A. T. S. E. Journeyman

  • and More to come....


I specialize in helping people

 who are ready to take ownership of their own healing in their lives and seek empowerment. and are open to alternative healings that are grounded in a 3000-year old lineage.

Who I Help

All who are open to alternative healings that are grounded in lineage and are looking to take ownership of their own lives and their own healing and empowerment.

How I Do It

by working with the multi-dimensional energetic structures and forces of the human structure and how it relates to the cosmos and your world.
Each session is one on one in person unless specified

What's in It for You

Your growth

your healing

your empowerment

And your own Self Discovery.


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